Doctors are expected to declare all financial conflicts of interest at scientific talks, but patients have been left in the dark when it comes to their very own doctor’s involvement with drug companies.

There’s also evidence to suggest that Canada’s medical community isn’t exactly free of pharma influence, nor are the policies guiding interactions with industry at faculties of medicine all that stringent.

A Requisite for Boundaries

To be sure, the push for transparency is not altogether new. The United States, in what is the world’s most sophisticated pharmaceutical market, recently passed the Sunshine Act to have all payments from as little as $10 reported to the federal government. France, Scotland and Denmark have followed suit. Canada currently has no such legislation in the works.

Countries with Policies Already in Place

Back in 2015 more than 70% of drug sales will be in countries with such measures- Deloitte Consulting LLP


Benefits of Vitamin D

Vitamin D which is also known as sunshine vitamin is produced by our body in response to its exposure to the sun. The vitamin D can also be consumed as a supplement or via specific food items. A lot of research and studies these days have concluded that Vitamin D is very significant for a human body and it is essential in its optimum functioning.

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Natural Sore Throat Remedies

There’s nothing worse than having a sore throat, yet it can happen in a variety of circumstances. You don’t just have to be suffering from a cold or flu to feel that all-too-familiar tingle starting in the back of your throat.

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5 Foods You Should Eat To Boost Brain Function

In such a fast-paced, modern world, it can be easy to forget to look after ourselves. We are so busy with life and work that eating nutritious food that benefits our body becomes less important. But what happens if you become sluggish, tired and find it hard to concentrate?

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Common Fall Allergies to be Made Aware of

There’s a common misconception among many that your allergies end once summer is over. Although that’s true for the majority of people, it’s not true for all. In fact, if you’re prone to allergies, you can expect to suffer from the side effects for months after summer has ended. This is because fall has its own set of allergens as well. Unfortunately, the irritability doesn’t end with the summer months.

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5 Foods your Body needs when Pregnant

Congratulations, you're pregnant! Alongside all that preparation of the nursery, building the crib and stockpiling diapers, there is also much to prepare in the way of overall health. For the next nine months your body needs to be a temple, and it's going to crave and need far more nutrients, vitamins and minerals than it ever did before.

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Grape Skin is not a fountain of Youth Component?

In our last article on honey we looked at the many benefits including the natural antiseptic that it possess. Today we will focus on the benefits of Grapes. The skin of the Grape is known to have some sort of anti-oxidant that may indeed help with reducing the risk of diseases such as cancer and Alzheimers (info on reducing risks).

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Cool things about Honey

There is no debate on why honey is so great and it’s because of its sweet taste. Being a natural sweetener, it has become synonymous with being a healthy product along....

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This Weed may save lives against Superbugs

There is an invasive weed that grows throughout the state of Florida causing many Floridians headaches trying to eliminate this invasive plant. What makes it fascinating is during its blooming, this weed grows berries which are found to be effective against superbugs. This is quite interesting because superbugs are resistant ....

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How Often is Asthma Misdiagnosed?

A study from Canada suggests that adults are misdiagnosed one-third of the time with the chronic disorder of asthma. They looked at data from 600 individuals who were diagnosed with the lung disorder within the past five years. They specifically looked at participants who were taken off meds slowly with close monitoring to see how well their lungs did without them over a 13 to 14 month....

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3d Company and Prosthetics News

It ceases to amaze us the amazing tech of printing 3-D objects for modern use. With this new technology, spurred many new companies from around the globe looking into using it for their businesses. In the medical world it has become quite a lifesaver because the ability to manufacture medical tools as well as prosthetics on the spot has made it valuable beyond our imagination. ....

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Asthma. What to know!

Asthma is an annoying condition that affects people of all ages especially in younger and older individuals. Many experts still do not know the actual root cause of it but the leading reason is that it is allergies and cause by genetics. There has been studies that shown that parents who have or at least one parent who has asthma will likely pass it on to their children. ....

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Exercise Reduces the Risk of Alzheimer's

It's not surprising that exercise is really good for you and the fact that it benefits your health. The downside is that the population of human being did not like to exercise while the majority that is. An interesting fact is that only 20% of all United States citizens get the required cardiovascular exercise per week. 50% of baby boomers eight doing income exercise and on top of that, 80 million Americans that is over the age of five are considered an active according to Time Magazine.

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What you need to know about airbrush tanning

No matter the season you can always have that fine looking Tan skin. The technology of airbrushing tanning has been around a few years and is quite popular amongst celebrities. Airbrushing is offered by many beauty salons. Here are a few things you need to understand.

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Please Adhere to these skin treatment ideas for individuals

Dermatitis refers to a persistent inflammatory skin problem, identified by completely dry skin, with spots that are extremely scratchy and also red. It could take place anywhere on our skin and it is known to be generally located on the areas where we flex such as the bends of the arms and of the knees.

There are lots of kinds of dermatitis, with one of the most typical one being atopic-dermatitis or eczema where it is commonly effects the face and hands. You will find many so-call cures, but the most common way to keep Eczema at bay especially if it's on the hands, is to use dermatologist recommended top skin creams . With extreme cases steroid in ointment or pill form could be prescribed.

Atopy describes a genetic propensity towards dry skin, breathing problem, and also hay fever. Individuals with eczema could experience among the various other conditions.

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Why is it Apple Cider Vinegar is gaining mainstream Attention

Apple cider vinegar is a fruit vinegar that has apples obviously. The secret is you have to make use of Organice apple cider vinegar and also make certain to purchase a more well known brand name or that is recommedned by a nutrionist. When put on the skin, it could assist in reducing your acne, abnormal skin growths, as well as lots of various skin issues such as eczema. Many individuals will use A-C-V to their bathwater in order to enhance the wellness of their skin as well as getting rid of that skin. Cider vinegar has been known to alleviates heartburn, boosts your energy, is a natural home remedy for sleeping disorders, assists with food digestion, as well as enhances the body immune system.

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Pre Diabetes – Good News is You Do Not have Diabetes

Did you know there are over 29 million Americans that are affected some form of diabetes? In the state of Virginia you will find just about two million people that are considered to have some sort of pre-diabetes. This means that the levels of blood sugar is just above the normal level. With this diagnosis, the individual has an increase chance of having type II diabetes and the possibility of a heart disease in the future.

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Shocking new study on Diet and Pregnancy

Shocking new study has revealed pregnant woman are not eating enough food from top five food groups. Importing groups are veggies, fruits, dairy, cereals and meats [chicken, fish]. Also included are alternatives such as tofu, nuts, and beans which is considered vegetables.

The study had 850 pregnant ladies in the experiment and discovered that 37 percent did not eat enough of the five food groups. Also 35% of them did not eat enough of one of the major food groups.

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Eczema and the power of arthritis drugs

A new Eczema therapy has been making positive stride in controlling this skin condition by using a drug that is originally designed to treat arthritis. Eczema known by its medical term Atopic Dermatitis is a common skin conditions in newborns and sometimes continue throughout their lives into adulthoods.

This new drugs was treated to six individuals with Eczema (mid to severe cases) in a trail run. The study shows that the individuals were treated successfully. Many of them had a reduction of itchiness. What is interesting is that these individuals tried many different Eczema treatments in the past with no success. They felt more relief after the treatment and a lot happier.

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